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Claud Mone is a wonderful man with Venus in Scorpio
A man with Venus in Scorpio has both the positive aspect and the negative one. If you stickly and one-sidedely love
the woman, you will have the bad reputation.But if you continue to be pationate for something valuable through your life, you will become a wonderful person. Let us introduce such a great man.

The Horoscope of Claud Monet

Claud Mone is a great painter to represent France.He has a another name as A painter of light. He is a painter to have pursued through his life on the variation of the light and the color to vary as the time and the season passes.Mone lived the longest life among the painters belongs to impressionism.He remains many masterpieces like a seires of a water lily.Although Renoir,Sezanne,Gauguin and so on leaves a sect of impressionism later, Mone continued to pursue the drawing way of Impressionism.A man born in the constellation Scorpio has the strong Karma to continue to pursue a specific theme he likes through all his life.

One of the Works of "a water lily" by Mone

As you can see his horoscope,four planets concentrate together in 2 house,Scoepio from the sun.The Mars aspects 4th aspect to Scorpio and The moon aspects 7th aspect to Scorpio, too.That means all his consciousness to Scorpio except the Sun,Rafu and Ketu.




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Ichiro Ozawa〜Teng Shao Ping in Japan〜
Chinese Mass media says that Ichiro Ozawa names after Teng Shao Ping in Japan, which means he has substantially great political power in spite of taking any kind of pulic position.

Ichiro Ozawa's Horoscope

Recently,he made forcibly Chinese expected-top,Chou ching ping Japanese Emperor and People related to him got angry.He takes substantially strong leadership in deciding the DP's personnell affaires and makes much innfluentiall even in Diet management and budget plan. Thia blog trys to introduce his Horoscope.

Shall we start with seeing from Sun Lagna.The Sun and the Moon is in 1 house. It proves to be excellent politician .
As the Saturn is Raja Yoga Karaka dominating 9 & 10 house, he is sticky to be tough against the difficulties.Since two malefic, the Sun and the Mars is conjunked, he is evaluated to be an individualistic polotician.

The Mercury,Jupitar,and Mars are in 2 house from the Sun.
The Mercury becomes the Dahna Yoga,dominating 2 house and 5 house.We can see the background he has an highly efficiency to get the money.This is the reason why his political power is strong.



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Yukio Hatoyama〜New Japanese Prime Minister〜
We would like to introduce on the New Prime Minister,
Mr.Hatoyama's Horoscope.

Mr.Hatoyama's Horoscope

It is unknown of his exact birthtime, so this chart is put on 0:00 in the daytime. It is appropriate to take the 1st house as lagna.

As long as looking for the chart from the Sun lagna, his 1st house is very good. He has the excellent family roots as politicians, succeeding 4th generation from Kazuo, Ichiro,Iichiro,and Yukio. Especially,Ichiro Hatoyama geratly
contributed to have the diplomatic relationship with Russia more than 10 years later after World War .

The Sun and the Mars is conjuncted in the 1st house. As 1st house siuates in the constellation,Capricorn, The Mars exalts here. Besides, the Saturn aspects back there. This means that he can concentrate with strong performing- oriented. That is the reason why he becomes the eqaual partner with the agressive politician,Mr.Ozawa.

His Sun and the Mars is surrounded with benefics,so called,
Superkaltari Yoga. He is not neccessary about the health.He
is very fortunate. He siurely get in the world just like the
prime minister.

He is strong-meinded in spite of mild immpression. He is good at softly speaking owing to Mercury in 2 house. He is a person of strong individuality with exalted Rafu and Ketu.As the Jupitar is in the 2 house from the Moon, he is very honest and sometimes says his real intention without the secret.In the view of 9 divisional chart, that is, Navamsha,The Jupitar is exalted, so he is a idealist with the strong consciousness of mercy.

As there is the Venus in the Sagitarius in 12 house、he is eager to send the information overseas. Perspnally, he tends to do immoral love, and acutually, when he married with his wife,Miyuki, she was a another person's wife.

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Medical Astrology(1)〜left ear’s condition of Ayumi Hamasaki〜
Ayumi Hamasaki
Ayumi Hamasaki's horoscope

This is a horoscope of Japanese famous singer Ayumi Hamasaki . She declared that her left ear had lost the power of hearing due to ear on the inside outbreak in the last time of 2008. Her Venus that exists in the seven house is very shining and pwerful. It exists in Kendra house as well as Mulatorikona. It is also Malabia Yoga by which Venus demonstrates the most power. This is a reason to which she becomes succcessful as a singer.

Then, how should we see on her healthy aspect though it is very wonderful w. It makes double Laguna when Lagna is seen as the sun and the moon, and Papakaltali Yoga to which these surrounds in with all malefics of Mars, Saturn, Rafu, and Mulchubagya. Mercury exists in three house ruled by six house as functional malefic. This makes Papakaltali Yoga which means "Health is lost" . After all, Mars ruled by three house and eight house from Rafu. The vimshottari dasha at the last days in 2007 is in the period of Rafu- Mars. And, Venus ruled by two house and seven house called Malaka house conjuncts wiht Mars. Venus is also ruled by two house and seven house called Malaka house from Asendantoragna. Malaka house ia a house that "Longevity is lost" . Therefore, Mars is in the very brutal condition in this period.

The Mars aspects the fourth aspect to the Capricorn ruled by the Saturn . The Saturn where the 11th room is ruled in Asendant is a nature malefic and a strong enemy. The Saturn becomes Gnatikaraka if it is seen in the Jaimini method. Moreover, Katu does the fifth aspect to the Saturn. Syntheticall the Mars and the Saturn are very damaged in her chart at this time . The third house has the meaning of the entire ear, especially"Right ear" and the 11 houseroom has the meaning of "Left ear" . The Rafu- Mars period intertwines the event in close relation to health doubly trouble and is in a bad location.As Mars where has the problem shows one's brutality wiht the natural health problem at this time , therefore a potentiaally weak point of body make a phenomenon to be sick .

It would be better to take the preventive treatmentand because it takes care about not only a left ear but also the health condition of a right ear when it is this state. However, because she entered into the Dashar period of the Jupiter with Hansayoga from July, I think this crisis to have been taken off.So she will be active from now on.
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Occupation and Horoscope(3) 〜Overseas Business〜
The one to show the strong tie with foreign countries by Indian astrology is seven house, nine house, and 12 house. 12 house ise the misfortune houses that are called so-called Dushutana house. We tend to think that those with the planets on 12 houses comes to spend an unhappy life . Butit is not always rigth. As for the way of life and the career choice that are done, if the peple lives in accomodation with the meaning of 12 houses, they can live an happy and rich life. It is not the only ways of the better fortune that we wear the jewel and set the expensive feng shui goods like Longui and Kirin in the room. I want you to become conscious that there is the living to realize the better fortune in the honest and stedy life that makes good use of Indian astrology .

Horoscope of individual trader C

Well, the feature of the horoscope of this Mr. C is in 12 house. We cac notice the exchange between the Venus in 10 house and the sun decayed in 12 house ruled by 10 house. This sun becomes Nechabanga, and therefore, there is an aptitude in the business for foreign countries and is a luck degree only of it. Because the planet where constellations have been exchanged is Venus, fields of the work of art and the ornament, etc. are suitable fields. The Jupiter ruled by 2 house and 5 house is in conjuntion with the Venus of 10 house ruled by 7 house . Rajayoga and Dahnayoga can be made here. Moreover, they are done in 10 house. If he is engazed to doing the individual business when thinking about other conditions, it has the fourtune that can be done enough though it is not expected the better life if he works for the trading company of the big enterprise because the sun is decayed. He is not endowed with exact analysis ability and the language ability due worse-functioned Mercury . However, it works as a plus in the formation of wealth because this Mercury existing in 12 rooms ruled by 8 houseis a friendship star at the same time and Vepalita Raja Yoga . There is Dashar even when is in the Raf-Saturn period, and expanding very much in the business now.

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